Snow White

Oh, what a snow day (in between making up work hours at home) will do for a corner of a house. Back in December, we bought a pile of Enje shades from IKEA. Yesterday we decided to actually put a few up. We had been putting it off considering we knew we would have to cut each shade to fit the windows. Luckily, I’m not the first to do this, so I had a bit of guidance.

But first we had to paint the inside corners of the walls where they meet up with the windows. We knew we would be replacing the blinds at some point, so we decided to wait until that day to give it a good coat without having to cut around the blinds.

Then we got to measuring and cutting the shades down. If you ever wanted to see Taylor when she knew she wouldn’t be seen, here’s your chance. Yesterday I was grunged out in my PJs, complete with a robe and Rob’s socks. Call me comfortable.

First, we put all the pieces together (the shade and two brackets) to figure out how much we needed to cut down. This was definitely a two person job as our windows are nearly four feet wide. Next we unrolled the entire shade, marking the cut line on the top of the roll. To make it as clean as possible, I then marked the full length of the fabric with a pencil and very carefully cut the fabric along that line. I used newish fabric scissors to ensure a clean, easy cut.


Once that step was finished, we propped the unrolled shade on a chair (we’re professionals). Rob held the shade down while I used a hacksaw to cut through the metal top. There is a metal rod for the bottom of the shade that I also carefully marked and cut with the saw. It took a few minutes and made a slight mess, but seemed to work great as now I have an After to pair with my Before.

Yesterday’s Before with medium tone wood shades that darkened the corner in more ways than one.

After with bright white Enje shades.

Pull mechanism securely attached to the wall

Safety first. I was sure to attach the pull mechanism to the wall in case any kiddos got to playing around in the corner.

Overall, I am very happy with the shades. Although they are a bit sheerer than I ultimately wanted. Sheerness is great during the day to allow ample light in, but once the sun goes down, it’s pretty easy to see in. Fine for our rear windows, which these are, but I will most likely add drapes when we install the shades in the front windows.


6 Responses to “Snow White”

  1. A variety of responses from us two:

    1) Happy Snow Day! 🙂 We wish you more of these — we think.

    2) The cat looks happy. The ultimate seal of approval for your work.

    3) We think you need your own show on HGTV. Who do we contact to set that in motion? We’ll sign on as “creative advisors” or “executive producers” — i.e. people who are paid well but don’t have anything to do with the actual show….

    4) Enough comments for now. Nice work! 🙂 Love you.

  2. Taylor, I love your home and your blog!!! It’s like a magical land of tranquility. 🙂

  3. Nice job! What a great way to take advantage of a snow day! Can’t wait to see them in person . . .

  4. Looks excellent and I Love your kitty pics!


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