Vintage Cabinet

Years ago, my dad bought this vintage cabinet. I was still fairly young, in my tweens or so. I was too young to be able to appreciate interesting pieces, although I knew there was something different about it. Being fairly deep (the cabinet, not my dad) he used it to store his TV (back then TVs were deeper than a credit card, if you can believe it). As of late, my dad had expressed that the cabinet was just taking up room. He offered to loan the cabinet to me and I jumped at the chance.

It has now lived at the house on Penny Lane for a couple months. I regret not sharing it sooner as I really think it’s a beautiful piece. It sits in between the dining and living room, right in front of the patched up old opening to the kitchen. It currently has no other purpose than to look good, but I’m thinking of adding a shelf (it seems there are already supports for one inside) to enhance it’s utilitarian side.

I love the “cats” flash card that my sister-in-law found for me at a vintage store. I’d like to find more subtle cat references to sprinkle around the house. We’re known for having cats, even if it’s just two. I guess liking cats is unusual around here…

By the way, my dad is a deep guy. I just like jabbing at him. Maybe he’ll stop by an tell us the story of the cabinet. Although, I can’t promise it will be interesting (the story, not my dad).

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3 Comments to “Vintage Cabinet”

  1. Did you place the cabinet atop a low table, or is that all one piece? If it’s all one piece, is the base section a different material or just a different color? Whatever — it works. A very strong “it” factor.

    We’ll search the premises for random cat visuals. Lisa does have a t-shirt from Friskies Cat Food, ordered two decades ago, which reads “Over 30 and Still Frisky.” The description is accurate.

    Your dad is quite deep; thanks for including that in the footnotes.*

    * footnotes are usually interesting, with this lone exception right here.

    • Yes! It’s two pieces. The cabinet is wood while the base is metal, perhaps iron? It’s a bit tricky to move around, but certainly worth it.

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