Rob and I are on a roll.

This weekend has been practically non-stop working on the house. The longest we’ve sat still is right now. I just made dinner, Rob is finishing his while we watch a bit of “The Social Network”. Great movie, by the way. And the night is still youngish.

I’ll post pictures once we get some daylight, but here’s a quick rundown of our accomplishments.

Saturday early afternoon (Rob likes to sleep in), Rob left for IKEA (about 200 miles away) while I began painting the kitchen. Rob underestimated the literal weight of his task, but made it back with the furniture he needed for his office redo plus a few extra items I requested. By that point I had the primer coat on the kitchen, plus the start of the first top coat. We lugged the many IKEA boxes into our dining room then promptly went to sleep.

Sunday morning, I continued to paint. Rob joined me as we completed our second top coat and called it done. We had lunch, then got started on painting the chalk wall in the kitchen. Between our first and second coat of chalk, we installed a light fixture in the laundry room. Then we cleaned up. Now we’re resting and may put a few IKEA pieces together. Maybe. If I can drag Rob off the sofa.


One Comment to “Wow.”

  1. Oh, the energy of youth.

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