Rob and I made a weekend trip to visit my dad in Dallas. We had a great time. There was good shopping, good Vietnamese food, good Mediterranean food and good conversations.

I came away with a bunch of great stuff for the house, which I will milk for all its worth by discussing them in installments. First, books.

Rob loves Half-Priced Books. Especially the giant one in Dallas. Saturday night after dinner, we spent the rest of the evening shopping for books. We all found something we wanted. Mine was “decorative” books.

If there is one thing I have learned to decorate with, it is books, even if it is just horizontally. As you all should know by now, I love this living room.

living room of Derek and Michelle Sanders

Well here’s another angle that shows off their use of books in decoration.

living room of Derek and Michelle Sanders

Stacking books? I think I can do that.

Now, let me start out by saying that so many people can argue with the use of books as decoration because they are being chosen purely for aesthetic reasons rather than their content. That’s where my interests come in handy: art, design and gardening. All good looking things… if done right at least.

With Half-Priced books pricing, it was hard to leave with just two. That Swiss furniture book is still calling my name. But I certainly don’t regret the books I did purchase.

“Vincent Van Gogh” by Marc Edo Tralbaut

“Vincent Van Gogh” by Marc Edo Tralbaut

“The Orchid” by Mark Griffiths

“The Orchid” by Mark Griffiths

“Artfully” stacked.


2 Comments to “Books.”

  1. We like Kindles — we like Nooks.
    But most of all we really like Books!

    Of the many functions books are used for,
    they’re nice for reading; quite fine as decor.

  2. Thinking outside the box on decorating with books, what do you think of my idea of a narrow shelf that you might otherwise prop photos on, but instead prop up decorative books? The cover on your orchid book is beautiful and sadly hidden in a stack. Of course the book covers would all have to mesh with your decorating scheme to work . . .

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