Final Destination

Rob’s office has gone from the Final Frontier to the Final Destination… I’m really reaching, huh?

A couple weekends ago, Rob made his infamous lone trip to IKEA. He fit about as much as he could into his little, yet surprisingly big car while still being able to drive it home. We then took the next couple of weeks to finish putting all of his furniture together, which included making a second trip to IKEA to pick up perviously out of stock items and frustratingly missing pieces.

I’d still like to add a few items – more art, a rug and a plant (every office needs a neglected well loved plant, right?), but here’s the much more inviting office.

We purchased the Morebo glass doors for our IKEA Billy bookcases and lined the doors with dark gray fabric (which turned navy behind the glass). The desk is the Besta Burs. My favorite bit is the Alex drawers from IKEA. I specifically chose black first, because I don’t think I can take much more white in the house, and second, to allow our black printer to blend in with its surroundings rather than clash with them.

With our makeover, Rob was given tons more hidden storage. He can now store just about anything he wants in the bookcases without worrying how it looks (or how I feel about it). He has drawers in both his desk and under the printer for all sorts of officey things like pens, paper, rubber bands, etc. He also got some Expedit bookcases in his closet to act as cubbies for miscellaneous items like DVD binders and software boxes.

The new setup has already proven productive, as Rob has been able to launch his own website focusing on his video production.


6 Comments to “Final Destination”

  1. hey you may have some video production customers. we are thinking about making video shorts of specific content for stepfamilies, single parents, divorced adults. more on that later, but we’ve spent the past week talking about doing some short videos — now we learn that rob has a video production business??? you have our full attention.

  2. I can’t believe how much different the office looks with the new furniture! The glass doors on the bookcases make the room look bigger, like a mirrored wall did in the 80’s, only in a much more sophisticated way.

  3. Wow, now he’s getting spoiled. It looks beautiful. Great job!

  4. Hey I was wondering where you got this chair just stumbled upon this and it goes great with the desk I have the same thing! And love it ❤️ Just looking for a pretty couch looking chair the moves like that for it 😭

    • Ho Jojo. I found the vintage chair on Craigslist. Sorry that’s no help. I would recommend stalking Craigslist in your area and any other large cities that you are willing to travel to on a day trip. This is how I have found most of my vintage pieces.

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