Raw Linen

Last month, I wrote about hanging IKEA Enje shades in our living room. We had purchased shades for our dining room window as well, but I knew they would be far too sheer to stand alone in the front window. So when Rob made another trip to IKEA, I begged him to purchase a couple sets of their Aina linen drapes. But I had to make a quick decision as to what color: bleached or unbleached.


image courtesy of Sterin’s photostream on flickr


image courtesy of MoreWaystoWasteTime

I was drawn to the unbleached drapes more, but thought the bleached would fit in more with our existing decor. So I asked around. With mixed opinions from my virtual friends, I turned to Rob who made a great point that the unbleached drapes would work much better with our future reupholstered white dining chairs.

And so it was.

Our new front window:


8 Comments to “Raw Linen”

  1. The additional texture helps to soften the more stark pieces. And while I agree with you that the unbleached have an interesting look to them, the bleached fits the overall look you’re working on. Can’t wait to see them!

    • I should probably note somewhere on the blog (perhaps just here), that I feel like I’ve gone a bit over board on the white, specifically in the living room. I’ve always striven for a natural look (woods, metals, linens) contrasted with stark white, but I lost the balance in the living room. So now I’m making a conscious effort to create and maintain the balance.

  2. oh these look so great Taylor!!!!!

  3. Very nice! I think one reason we love this project is that you are designing a “California house” in many ways. Now, if we can just get you to pick out the right zip code also……. 🙂

  4. White dining room chairs? You really don’t plan on kids any time soon, do you?

    • Ha! Does white vinyl help?

      Oh, and the glass top that we added to the table (which is pictured, but I failed to mention) is an attempt to make our house more kid friendly. We’re making small steps… we might even be making one step forward then two steps back…

  5. I like! Gives it great texture and it’s not so white on white. Hope game night went well. Say hi to rob and the kitties.

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