the making of a sexy dining room

My new, and dare I say, sexy dining room has me questioning my original design plan. Maybe it’s the deep purple buds on my Redbud tree, or the fact that if I had to choose an actual favorite color other than gray, white or black, it would be dark purple, but I’m really digging the original fabric on my dining room chairs. It’s too bad the fabric is torn in places, catches cat hair like nothing else and is known to cause a rash.

Rob is ready to reupholster them. Isn’t it just like me to moan and groan about those ugly chairs until we’re ready to actually do it and then, ta-da! I can’t part with them!

I’m really hoping I can find a replacement fabric that I love and won’t regret. I had originally wanted to reupholster them in a white vinyl. White because everything else is white and vinyl because it won’t stain like white. We have a pukey cat and two nephews. I want to make sure these chairs stay looking nice for a while.

But should I do something more “sexy” than white vinyl?

All sexy rooms call for purple velvet. It’s a known fact. But I don’t think I can get away with velvet in a dining room. At least not my dining room. Is purple vinyl the next best thing? I promise not to make it sparkly and slick and look like it came out of a ’72 Dodge Challenger.



4 Comments to “the making of a sexy dining room”

  1. Just saw your blog for the first time, and I have to tell you that I LOOOOOOOVE your living room, it’s so great. The yellow chairs are amazing, the chevron canvas too, and all of the furniture is so great. I love the white paper flower art on the TV wall as well. Well done, it’s so chic and very professional-design-looking!

  2. I also just found your blog through a Google search of media cabinets! Your place is amazing and I love seeing how the space has changed. Question: where did you get that dining room pendant?!?! I love it!

    • Hi Jessica, and thank you! Our dining room light fixture is a 36″ paper lantern. In some areas, you may be able to find one locally. I lucked out and found one online and had it shipped to me. Unfortunately, the company I purchased is from (a random hardware store in Denver) realized they shouldn’t be selling it online due to difficulties with shipping. All that to say, check around locally and try to avoid buying online as they are very easily damaged in shipping.

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