Good news. My dining room will be sexy. Turns out, the way to go is faux. Faux leather makes it better. Thank you, I’m here all week.

Our dining room upholstery goals:


  • wipe-able
  • wet clean-able
  • would not catch cat hair


  • textured
  • not glossy
  • beige, black or purple in color.

I found it easy to meet my performance goals, but not the aesthetic goals and vice versa. It took a good deal of inward reflection and a conversation with a very stylish friend (thanks, Mark) to realize what I really wanted in upholstery. The woven look. Sounds easy enough. While searching through the faux leather collections of every fabric company I could imagine, the most common styles I found were alligator, snake, ostriche and basketweave.

The somewhat difficult part was that of the color. Being a faux leather, the majority of collections came in only leather-like colors – variations of congac, chocolate brown and black. No big deal, black is on my list, I just hated being bound to one color. Fortunately, I brought it home and got this vibe:

image courtesy of wothpoint.com

The color of the walnut table was reminiscent of the rosewood on the classic Eames lounge chair. And what’s more classic than the rosewood and black leather combination? I was thrilled.

I now have two contenders. Both black herringbone basketweave vinyls. One, a medium scale Anzea vinyl at a decent cost. The other, a smaller scale Bberger vinyl at an unknown cost.

Anzea vinyl above, Bberger vinyl below

At this point, my favorite is the smaller scale Bberger vinyl. It looks extremely authentic in person. Unfortunately, its cost is bound to reflect that. I’ll be calling the fabric store tomorrow to get a yardage cost and seal the fate of my dining room chairs.



One Comment to “Faux”

  1. The difference in tone (is that the right word?) between your two final options is less obvious in this photo. I still lean towards the smaller weave for its warmth and some characteristic of the weave that I can’t put my finger on — maybe more complexity in the pattern? I’ll be curious to hear if it’s within your price range.

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