Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday just happens to be right at the beginning of spring. And I just happen to go plant crazy every spring. This time I finally put two and two together and my loving family provided funds for me to work on the landscaping at the house on Penny Lane.

The back 1/6 of our backyard is shaded by the neighbors trees. Grass doesn’t grow there, but I know some beautiful plants that will.


image courtesy of WadeGardens.com


image courtesy of NorthCreekNurseries.com


image courtesy of The Garden Lady

My first shopping trip was for soil and garden edging.

I knew the soil under all those trees would be decently rich compared to typical Oklahoma soil, but I wanted to be sure it would drain well. I bought a car load of top soil and I plan on mixing it together with the aid of a garden tiller. That will be tons of fun.

Then I started raking. I thought raking would be quick, but I didn’t realize how deep the leaves went. I cleared a bit of ground…

Then realized how much more there was to go…

Another angle…

Big piles of leaves… and sticks…

Great before pictures, eh? And yes, that is my neighbors shrubery growing over and through the fence. Looks classy.

This weekend I hope to clear the rest and till the soil.


2 Comments to “Happy Birthday to Me”

  1. Wooooo… nothing says spring cleaning like piles upon piles of leaves…

  2. You need a mulcher now to turn all those leaves and sticks into mulch! Or just haul them off . . .

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