Flowers, etc.

Yes, I am making up for a lack of posts lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good content.

How long has it been since I visited the florist? October of last year. That’s a while and a lot has changed since then. I hadn’t realized the many new places I could set arrangements.

You saw the arrangements on the new coffee table:

The vase on the Christmas Console was finally filled:

(If anyone knows anything about growing curly willow in water, please fill me in. Something about changing the water and adding miracle grow?)

This fern leaf broke off after all the Oklahoma wind, so I brought it in for display. My very first “cutting” from the garden.

This palm stem was only $.50, but unless I really dig this arrangement placement, I won’t be buying anymore. Palms are far too tempting for Jin. This is the only place I could keep it away from him (on the mantel):

Hooray for living things!


2 Comments to “Flowers, etc.”

  1. Hi! Love your blog! (especially the name haha) Can you tell me where you got that vase on your console? Its beautiful!

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