Enough About Me

I’m pretty excited that, while visiting my dad and step-mom this weekend, I was given permission to post pictures of their home. They are both artists and have a beautiful collection of art; some of which is their own, but most of which are pieces from fellow artists. I find so much inspiration in their home and enjoy tracking its evolution every time I visit.

The following are iPhone pictures, but I think the warmth and depth of their interiors can still be seen despite the lack of resolution.

The entry hallway. Beyond is the “clean studio”.

Art hanging in the sunroom which functions as the main living space.

My favorite spot in the sunroom.

Open storage in the kitchen. Again, beyond is the “clean studio”.

One of my favorite vignettes in the kitchen.

The hallway leading to the guest bathroom, bedrooms and office.

The guest bathroom. I get so much inspiration from this vignette.

Another shot of the guest bathroom.

My Dad at work in their office.

Shelving in the office

And at Ali’s request: their dogs, Crazy Ray…

… and Nelly-Girl.


3 Comments to “Enough About Me”

  1. Taylor, this weekend was a beautiful gift. Thank you.

  2. I can see how this would be very inspiring — it inspires me as well! Of course, it didn’t hurt getting a good dose of your dad’s creative genes.

  3. Or are they Crazy Ray and Nervous Nelly. Actually, I call them Mr. Disgusting and that bee with an itch that growls at me whenever I arrive home at night.

    By the way, do you remember the black Braun clock from your childhood? I think I’ve had it since before Roman was born.

    Otherwise, that’s an awful lot of IKEA, isn’t it?

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