So It Was.

I had resigned to the idea that I would be spending far more than I wanted to on the dining room upholstery fabric. In a nutshell (you can read the previous posts here, here and here), I found a fabric I liked, then a fabric I loved, then realized why I loved it so much ($$$). I still loved it, but tried to talk myself out of it by finding alternative fabrics- none of which compared. And so it was. Stacks of fabric memos strewn across the house, while I obsessed over the one.

Surprisingly, my obsession was productive. While googling, I found a site that sold a very similar fabric at less than half the cost. And they provided memos. I received my memo today. I jumped up and down. I squeeled. I frightened a cat out of the room because… the fabrics were nearly identical.

The larger memo is the original, the smaller is the winner.

We promptly ordered 7 yards.


One Comment to “So It Was.”

  1. OH Taylor this is so WONDERFUL! I am thrilled for you guys! yay!

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