Gardening Progress

I realized I never posted actual pictures of the various ornamental plants that I added to our backyard.

Here’s a quick reminder of how the area looked before:


And here is my progress:

It helps that the grass and trees have come out of dormancy. I planted a Gardenia, Hydrangea and Clematis vine towards the back. I learned after planting that Gardenias are only hardy to zone 8b (I am in zone 7a), so it may not last. I planted an Azalea in front of the meter in hopes that it will grow to block the view of it. In front, I planted shorter growing plants – a Fern, various Hostas and Feather Grass. All have shown growth, I just need to get them through the heat of the summer. This week, the temperature has stayed faithfully in the 90s. Ouch. One thing I can contribute my success to so far is the drip hose I surrounded the plants with. It makes watering super easy. I just need to remember to turn the water off.


A closer shot of the Feather Grass with a couple Hostas, the Hydrangea and the Clematis vine in the background. As you can see, I laid newspaper around the plants then topped it with mulch. I need to finish the installation of the rubber edging by filling the trench I dug with soil.


A Hosta with new growth in the middle.

Another Hosta. I can’t remember which variety I planted where.


The Clematis vine growing from its original wood trellis to its new, taller metal trellis.


Vigorously growing Hydrangea.


Pretty Feather Grass.


The Azalea, no new flowers yet.


The Gardenia. Its first bloom browned out (on the right), but it’s progress!


Lovely Fern.




2 Comments to “Gardening Progress”

  1. Love, love, love the color of your hydrangea! How did you get so lucky! And I don’t know if you’ve seen flowers yet on your clematis, but there was one that bloomed while you were gone — forgot to tell you about that!

  2. P. S. You probably won’t have any azalea blooms until next spring. They typically bloom in April and once they’re done, they’re done.

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