Hung Art

Today I had the opportunity to finish a few decorative tasks around the house. One was spur of the moment and the others had been lingering for weeks.

The first all started when vintage-loving friends of ours came in town. Two of us decided to check out a nearby vintage store that’s 50% interesting stuff, 50% shabby chic, typical Oklahoma crap. Of course we each found some items to take home.  My find? A big, wooden spoon.

I seriously love it. But we all know I’m strange. I really liked the calendar strip that had occupied this spot previously, but this just takes the cake for me.

The next had been a lingering item. Rob’s parents had gifted us some decorative plates from Peru. Once I realized the were decorative, I knew I had to showcase them in some way. Unfortunately, they sat for months in a stack on our counter, decoratively. Today, I finally decided to to hang the plates.

I never would have thought I’d be the type to hang plates.

The last was the never-ending fireplace nook. It started out with adjustable shelves that I attempted to work with. Next was the stretched canvas. I’m hoping this will be the end of that journey with maybe some tweaks of the contents.

The collection is 4 pages from a vintage botanical book framed in shadow boxes. Can you spot the mishap? The second frame from the bottom. I had a very difficult time putting the frame back together. After fussing with it for 10 minutes and seriously working up a sweat, I realized I had attached the page upside down. I tried to fix it, but it was seriously wedged. When I have more energy, I may try again.

I love it anyway.


5 Comments to “Hung Art”

  1. I’ve never seen a wooden spoon that large! I wonder if it’s a baker’s paddle, used in some of those gigantic mixing bowls.

  2. Wow!!!! The spoon looks awesome blossom. And I really love the plates. all I managed this weekend was to plant my peppers. The blackberries are growing, hope to see you soon!

  3. love that chalkboard wall, and your living room… that spoon is awesome, and could totally double as protection against intruders hahaha.

  4. The spoon actually IS a paddle, but the type used on us in school way back when we had to walk a mile through blizzards and scorpions. The pointy end was used to wake us up if we fell asleep in class, after which of course we’d have to stand up, bend over and get summarily wacked with the other end. Then at 3:30 they’d shoot us in the leg before sending us home as a lesson not to complain so much.

    Just kidding of course, but you guys really are doing great. The lighting on the wood piece really makes it, especially framed in the doorway like that. And I never would have thought of combining the chalkboard wall with 3D stuff. Really beautiful.

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