Antiquing, etc.

Back in November, I posted about my latest trip to River City Trading Post in Jenks, Oklahoma. I had forgotten that I had given myself a restriction date of the next time I could make a visit. Lucky for me, I said May.

This time, the trip included two newbies, my sister-in-law Sarah and my step-mom Deb; and two converts, my Mom and my cousin Bethany. I was told not to go crazy, so my purchases were slim.

First, here are the photo-worthy items that were not quite worthy of my budget.

A very handsome (shout out to Jessica H.) and beautifully aged chest of drawers.

A Frankoma vase that looks to be the big brother to a bud vase gifted to me by my step-mom Ali. I posted about it here.

A very pretty brass wall candelabra. I would have purchased this if Rob’s words of caution weren’t ringing in my ears. See, Rob. I do listen to you.

Another cool vase that is similar in style to one I picked up in Oklahoma City recently. I don’t think I’ve posted about it, but for those who are interested, it’s on the console table behind the sofa in the living room in recent pictures.

A very cool Martini set that seemed to include the two shakers behind it. I would have purchased this for our bar if I had known what the majority of those tools are for. Bartender fail.

And for the items that slipped past Rob’s nagging song.

A set of lotus serving bowls. Okay, not so vintage/antiquey, but definitely needed. I am contemplating giving the largest blue bowl to sis-in-law Sarah since I don’t see cobalt blue being an accent color for me.

And the find I am most excited about.

I do believe I found a Franco Albini ottoman to rival my two pier one knock-offs. It’s not in great shape (severely sun bleached, a couple broken rattan pieces and a few ties missing), but it’s beautiful and apparently comfy.

See? She likes it. Its current home is in Rob’s office. He had been wanting a little spot for the cats to hang out while he’s working (other than his lap).


One Comment to “Antiquing, etc.”

  1. Ahhahaha! I looked at those drawers! I really, really liked them. The Man told me no more drawers, how cruel. Thank you for posting pictures, I love the mixes you come up with. I had a blast meeting your family. Polly looks happy, I’m sure Jin will be on it next.

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