Every year, Rob and I try to do something Disney. The past few years have been alternating Land with World. This time, we decided to go Sea. We went on our first cruise. And now, during this unusually hot July weather, we miss the cruising life. What better way to relive it than to give a tour of our vacation? This post will be photo heavy, so hold on to your seats.

The Disney Dream


Our Stateroom


A view from the veranda


Around the ship


The lounge lobby


The District Lounge


Pink (inspired by the scene from Dumbo)




Notable finishes around the lounge areas


The AquaDuck


Enjoying the view


The ubiquitous towel animal


4 Comments to “Vacationing”

  1. Great way to connect with your inner Ariel !

    Nice to see the sea — but we hope you land in SoCal soon. 🙂

    Much love to both of you — D&L

  2. I love your photos and you know I’m digging all the art deco on the ship. Maybe next year we can work out a couples get away? Think about it! Mmm but really I love your fishey keychain. It’s like a Christmas ornament you can carry around with you

  3. I’ve been waiting to get back so I could check out those pictures. That looks like so much fun. We want to do a cruise next year, have never been on one. Thinking Greek Isles, maybe a little bit of Italy.

    • Carole, that would be so much fun! We wanted to do the Mediterranean cruise, but flying to Spain was a deal breaker. Maybe next time. Let us know if you need cruising buddies.

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