Squeaky New

The chairs are in.

To recap, we used an embossed vinyl. We needed something wipeable (the previous fabric held on to cat hair for dear life), but also wanted something textural for interest (thanks to Mark for helping me figure that one out). I looked at countless samples, but one fabric stood out among the others. Unfortunately, it was expensive, so I became depressed and obsessive. Thanks to that obsession, I hunted down a similar fabric (I am still convinced it’s the same one) online at half price. As soon as I saw a sample in person, we purchased it.

Of course, I was still unsure about how the fabric would look on the chairs, but seeing them now, I am very pleased. The texture is very subtle from far away and though it has a bit of a striping effect due to repeat in the fabric, it’s not as noticible as I worried it would be.

We are so ready to host our next dinner guests and game night!

Thanks to all who gave me their opinion on fabric samples. I asked anyone who would give me a moment to pull them about of my purse (yes, I carried them with me). And thanks to Gavin who so graciously offered to pick the chairs up with me even though he could have been home playing with his new gadgets.


4 Comments to “Squeaky New”

  1. These are awesome! I can’t believe how sleek the upholstery job is. I can’t wait to see them in person!

  2. Taylor these are gorgeous. I am in awe of your eye! Wow!

  3. ooo! do you guys play Settlers of Catan! if so, we need a game night!

  4. I am so looking forward to being there sometime for game night.

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