Successes & Failures

This blog documents a journey. And journeys are about successes and failures, right? The contrast makes life interesting, right? So I shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing any failures I might have, right?

OK, now that I’ve properly pepped myself up, I can share the project I’ve been working on.

A long, long time ago (I’m talking February, people), at the spur of the moment, I hung a collection of frames above our dresser in the bedroom, knowing I would eventually  fill them with images and paint some of them for overall consistency. I loved it. Unfortunately, it sat unfinished for 7 months.

Finally, this month, I decided to try my hand at painting them. I purchased some flat black spray paint and went to town. It came out horrible. It took me a second can of spray paint before I realized it was too hot outside. What? 1oo degrees in direct sunlight is not the ideal setting for a spray painting session? Who knew?

No matter the texture, the all black frames were not doing it for me.

So the next week, I went out and bought dark bronze spray paint and brass spray paint and patiently waited until a Sunday morning when I could spray in the briefly cool part of the day. I wanted to attempt a faux finish of sorts. Brass layered on top of dark bronze for a nice aged look. Let’s just say I’m not skilled enough at that. Luckily, I was smart enough to practice on only one frame (as I had run out of dark bronze when my practice session began). The frame came out looking less like a funky distressed metal frame and more like a bad 80s faux finish job. So my practice frame became my single brass frame.

It’s not bad. Although I need to either respray the brass to improve the finish (it was getting a tinge warm when the final brass coat was applied) or change the color altogether (I meant to buy bronze paint, not brass. Oops), the collection is growing on me.

So yeah… failures. Good stuff.


One Comment to “Successes & Failures”

  1. I want your media stand/dresser for my entryway. Your “failures” are merely lessons learned. And possibly lessons the rest of us won’t need to learn now, like painting in 100 degree heat!

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