I’m proud of my papa. After years of being a graphic designer, he ditched it to become a starving artist. He’s still an artist, but no longer starving as he is now the creative director for Wisteria, the online home decor store. He asked me recently (in a blog comment, no less) to photograph any Wisteria items I have in the house on Penny Lane with the potential of featuring them on Wisteria’s blog, Vine.

I get a nice family discount, but have not received any other perks from Wisteria for this post, although I will accept discounts on some pieces I’ve been eyeing (provide a Christmas list right, Dad?).

So here’s a shot of the living room featuring a handful of my Wisteria items.

Wisteria items: white enamel stools, gray wicker basket, glazed porcelain lamb

I didn’t place that basket, that’s how perfectly this shot laid out. I have two of the gray wicker baskets. This one is the catchall for cat toys. It’s too cute when Jin jumps in it to find his desired toy. The other basket we use as a laundry basket. We also have a couple sets of water hyacinth baskets. They are scattered about the house to organize small items. I use one to neatly contain my makeup products. Baskets are an item one can never have too many of. Just saying.


4 Comments to “Wisteria”

  1. That is an awesome accomplishment. Congrats to your dad for following his dreams!

  2. Seems like being photographer for Wisteria should at least entitle you to a bigger discount!!

  3. You always amaze me Tayor!

  4. Wow, the pressure’s mounting!

    The room really does look good though, honey. Nice job. Kinda like a mini bar when you guys are watching movies.

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