Seeking Storage

Relatively speaking, I am not a girl who owns many clothes. Most of my life, I’ve been able to fit my collection into any given closet. So when Rob and I moved into the house on Penny Lane, I thought nothing of taking the smaller of the two closets in the master bedroom, which was more conveniently located next to the bathroom and closer to my side of the bed.

Unfortunately, I finally outgrew my teeny tiny closet. But Rob was willing to give up his super long closet for me to have the space I needed. That’s love.

With that, I knew I wanted to do it right and keep my new space organized. It was a great decision considering Rob’s clothes fit nicely into the small closet and mine were able to spread out and breathe in the large closet.

It’s still a work in progress, but the bedroom already looks so much nicer than it had previously.


One Comment to “Seeking Storage”

  1. Love the organization on display here, and the simplicity of lifestyle too.

    Clearly, Imelda Marcos was not your mentor. 🙂

    Watch old movie “Overboard” for tips on how to design a proper closet; Goldie Hawn does so on board a yacht. Kurt Russell is her contractor of choice; it’s rather an amazing closet actually! 🙂

    Much love — 2 Who Live Close to Disney Like You Should

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