For the Record

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve had post topics in mind but haven’t had the patience to write about them.

Last week, Rob and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We celebrated with sushi takeout, gelato and Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Great movie, by the way. Everything good you’ve heard is true.

Speaking of hearing good things, even though Rob and I have ditched the traditional anniversary gifts, we did end up using the same theme for our gifts to each other. You could say mine to Rob was the vintage concept of the theme while Rob’s to me was the forward-thinking concept. Such is typical of us.

Rob bought me an iPod to shower speaker setup thing, a.k.a. I can now listen to my iPod music in the shower. I have been begging for a solution to our outlet-less shower room situation and leave it to Rob to figure it out.

I bought Rob a few old records from the store we visited back on Record Store Day. I tried to keep an “Our Songs” theme to my selections, but couldn’t help picking out a couple just for him:




5 Comments to “For the Record”

  1. Congrats on 4 years together!

  2. Frankly we would love you a lot — which we do! — even if you had horrible taste in music.

    Or, let’s say, if you couldn’t decorate your way out of a KMart store.

    But as it is — you blow us away with the depth and quality of your musical taste.

    And your decor ideas are — how do we express it — we are supposed to be word people — WOW.
    To sum up — You have a strong creative gift for architecture and design.

    So thanks for blogging and don’t worry about frequency. Quality trumps quantity, yes?

    Happy Anniversary and you must surely be wrong about the 4 years. It’s been maybe 2.

    • Thanks, D&L! I can say, without a doubt, that everything I know I’ve learned from my parents and I’m looking forward to passing that along.

  3. Looks like you should have been born in the 60’s instead of the 80’s. Or maybe it’s just the musical influence of your 60’s-era parents.

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