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I don’t know why I resisted it for so long. You’ve probably heard about it and most likely wondering, ‘what is this thing and why is everyone saying it’s so great?’ I like to think of Pinterest as a visual bookmarking tool (individual items link back to their original source with just a click), which is its greatest asset, as well as a designer’s visualizer (grouping things digitally to see how they relate to each other).

And now I’ve added a nifty Pinterest button so you can all follow me.

Here’s just a handful of some of my ‘pins’. Enjoy!


Board: Food

Description: Sweet Potato Salad with Toasted Pecans and Dried Cranberries


Board: Curb Appeal

Description: Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint for EVERYTHING outside. Yesss


Board: @Mentions (items that have made me think of certain special followers)

Description: Thought of you


Board: Organization

Description: Spray Bottle Storage (I added this to my organizational arsenal and it is fabulous)


Board: Tips and Tricks (my favorite board)

Description: Slip-proof your rug: To give an area rug some traction, flip it over, and apply lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Once dry, you can safely put down your rug; the rubbery strips will hold it in place.


Board: Closet

Description: How to Tie a Scarf


Board: Autumn

Description: DIY Halloween Plates, or whatever..


Board: Christmas

Description: Stamp Names onto Gifts


Board: DIY

Description: A use for my spare canvas?


Board: Body Art

Description: Geometric


Board: Spaces

Description: Brown & Black


Board: Plants

Description: Succulents


One of these days I’ll start regularly posting home and garden related pins. Just to, ya know, fill the gaps caused by my lack of posting.


2 Comments to “I Love Pinterest”

  1. Pinterest was made for you! I love the spray bottle storage rod. And I think we need to make that sweet potato dish at Thanksgiving!!

  2. So, yes. I am planning on stealing at least 1/2 of your ideas. Love you!

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