A friend recently asked how long Rob and I have lived in the house on Penny Lane. It took me a while to realize it has only been a little over 2 years. I could have sworn it has been longer. But, boy, does that make me feel better about the little progress we have made in the last year – A.K.A. none.

I did, however, get a little pep in my step when October came around. I’ll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner again and I was hoping the space would be a bit more pulled together and festive this year.

One of the items I wanted to address was a piece of wall art I had created for the living room. The black, white and yellow chevron piece was originally located in the fireplace nook, before I decided I hated it. Seen here:


I moved the piece temporarily to above the cabinet loaned to me by my dad. Seen here:


I never photographed the art and cabinet together because it was genuinely meant to be a temporary placing. Of course, as is typical for me, that temporary placement lasted months. I have other plans in mind for the black, white and yellow chevron piece – namely to repaint it and hang it in Rob’s office – but still wanted something above the cabinet to add height.

Knowing I didn’t want to spend any money, I rummaged through my existing stockpile of frames and art and came across a piece Rob and I had purchased a long time ago, prior to the house. It had previously hung at the top of the stairs at our townhouse. It looked great there, but the coloring is off for this house. So I painted it.





Like my jammies?

I used left over sample paint to cover up the purplish gray that clashed with the rest of the house. It took a bit of time to go over it, but I think it was worthwhile, even if I don’t use it in its intended spot. I’ll post pictures as soon as I’m decided.

My other fun craft was creating some fall decorations appropriate for this minimalist house. You may remember my painted gourds from Thanksgiving 2009.



While inexpensive, the gourds were tricky to paint. I dried them out first, then painted and painted and painted. The natural oils from the gourds would seep through and stain the paint so I was constantly touching them up.

This year I decided to go faux – Michael’s had a ton of realistically shaped pumpkins and gourds for 50% off. I wouldn’t buy them at full price. Just saying. They were expensive enough at half off. I then stood in the crafts paint aisle for a good 15 minutes trying to decide what color to paint my new faux gourds. I ended up choosing the color “linen”, which is exactly as it sounds.

I started with a pumpkin, a gourd and two bottles of paint.



When I was halfway finished painting the two, I decided I wanted to get a slew more.



I finished the gourds by painting the stems a glossy black, which contrasts nicely with the matte, ceramic-like finish of the linen paint.



Now to decorate with them. This may take months…

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6 Comments to “Craftiness”

  1. I like those. Missed you tonight, hope you are feeling much better. Aren’t those Rob’s PJ’s?

  2. They look even better in person. The gourds, not the PJ’s.

  3. The gourds do look ceramic now; nicely transformed.

    Are you sure you don’t live in Northern Europe or Scandinavia??

  4. It’s the simple things that a creative mind can turn into artwork that compliment a scenary. I like it.

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