Let me start by saying that I love my church. Rob and I are part of a small community of truly wonderful people who I can’t describe as church-friends. I can’t even describe them as regular friends; they are family.

Last week, some members of Rob and my family moved back home to North Carolina. The Teals were in our lives for just a few years, but they had a huge impact on us and we are very sad to see them go (although their visits will be that much sweeter).

Just before they left, the church celebrated the Teals by hosting an art show for Mr. Teal’s work. I was there taking pictures of the event, while my dad and Mr. Teal commiserated over the lives of artists. When asked which piece was my favorite, I pointed to a piece entitled “Flag: An Orphan’s Pride”. I’ll let Teal tell the story behind the piece, but my initial reaction to the piece was centered around the material that was used to paint upon – denim. Denim is such a basic material, accessible by most everyone. But this piece of denim, tattered at it’s edges, was made unique by a self-described orphan who obviously saw the beauty in this mundane fabric.

Apparently, word of my fondness for the piece spread and last Saturday, while thinking heavily on what wall art to hang above my dad’s cabinet, “Flag: An Orphan’s Pride” was given to me at the request of Teal. I knew instantly where it belonged.



I had actually contacted Teal a few months back asking if he would ever do commissioned work. It was for this exact spot that I was inquiring for. The best part is even if I had commissioned a piece, it would never have been as perfect as the flag is.


4 Comments to “Flag”

  1. A very moving story. The piece will always mean so much more to you having been received as a special gift from the artist.

  2. I feel like a Schmuck for my first comment on your blog to be in relation to a post you’ve made where you’ve referenced me, but nonetheless I want to say “Thank you”. It’s quite an honor to achieve Taylor Worthy Decor Status!

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