Bedroom Shaken

The bedroom has officially been shaken.


Last weekend, the walls, which I had previously painted SW Worldly Gray, were repainted SW Balanced Beige; our circa 2005 white IKEA Malm bed was donated and my parent’s vintage Westnofa teak platform bed was brought in.

Previous, bluer paint color – SW Worldly Gray:


New, sandier paint color – SW Balanced Beige:


We hung IKEA Basisk wall lamps and finished them with paintable plastic cord covers which I cut to incorporate the light switch.


Due to floor vents, we had to scoot the bed frame a good distance from the wall.


I absolutely despised this gap at first, but within a half hour I had an idea to fill the space. Euphorbias and Snake Plants.


Basically, I was greatly inspired by this interior, the home of Maurizio Zucchi:


So, more plans for the bedroom… as soon as there is money to follow through with them.




3 Comments to “Bedroom Shaken”

  1. Will it hurt your feelers if I tell you that I cannot tell the difference in swirly gray and beige? I love your bed though and it looks so inviting in the sunlight.

  2. I think Jessy’s right, as far as the wall color in the photos — the color looks very similar in pictures, but not in real life! Can’t wait to see how green plants behind the bed will look.

  3. And the wall lamps look great! Didn’t know you could get paintable cord covers.

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