Name That Cacti!

I found a guy selling cacti on Craigslist. Seriously. Add ‘houseplants’ to the list of the household items I’ve purchased through this modern day classifieds.

The guy was a little kooky – just as you would expect from someone with a huge cacti collection – but I left with several new plants, including the 60-incher below, for just $20.

Looks like I’ve got some naming to do…


2 Comments to “Name That Cacti!”

  1. How cool! Who’d have thought that would be a plant source! Hopefully the stickers won’t fall off onto the bed!!

  2. How about “Theodore”? I suggest it because some of the shoots (is that the right terminology?) remind me of Theodore Roethke’s poem “Cuttings,” which I happen to love. Plus “Theodore” seems like a good name for a cactus. Names like “Spiney” and “Spike” are too obvious and show no imagination, though “Pierce” is marginally better, and perhaps a nice middle-ground.

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