It Was a Pleasure, 2011!

As a blogger, this is my favorite time of year – when I get to look back at all that we have accomplished. 2011 has been  particularly good for us and the house on Penny Lane. Cheers to you, 2011!

Here’s our annual countdown!

10 In February, we hung room changing roller shades.

 9 We also made-over Rob’s office in February.

8 In March, we hung linen drapes in the dining room and began contemplating reupholstery for our dining room chairs.

7 I drove to Carrollton, Texas on a whim to purchase a CraigsList coffee table in April.

6  In June I recapped the gardening I did in April which was unfortunately scorched by September.

5 Our dining room chairs were given new life in August.

4 In September, I began the redesign of my buddy Nate’s living room. Check back for my final recap of that space.

3 I crafted up some Fall decor in October.

2 I was also generously gifted a Flag in October.

And finally…

1 Our master bedroom’s style was pumped up a bit with a new old bed in November.

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Here’s to 2011! We’re greatly looking forward to 2012!


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