The Year of the Exterior

Aside from some light gardening, The house on Penny Lane’s 2011 took place entirely inside. The year 2012, however, seems to have its sights set on the exterior.

So far, we have plans to replace our front door, a few windows and some siding. We’re hoping that will give us a big kick in the butt and encourage us to complete the exterior painting that we started back in 2009.

I’ve already felt a bit of a nudge and on the spur of the moment, decided the front shrubs needed to go. I’ve posted about my attempts to improve them before and I had full intentions to dig up and replant them in the backyard, but things just did not go as planned. They are in my backyard, but in pieces…



Things look a bit dry, but you get idea. I am too excited about all of this.

Just like last year, I’ll be asking for gardening related gifts for my birthday so I can fill the space to suit the house. My idea is low grasses with an occasional vertical element.

Variegated Lirope (image courtesy of casacara)

Mondo Grass (image courtesy of danger garden)

Fountain Grass (image courtesy of fireflyforest)

Red Yucca (image courtesy of dave’s garden)


3 Comments to “The Year of the Exterior”

  1. Love the new color scheme; much more organic and natural.

    Can’t wait to see those gardening posts. Isn’t OKC having a ‘light’ winter?? 🙂

    • OKC is having a wonderfully mild winter so far. Highs have been in the 50s and 60s for the last week. I’ll still wait until spring to start planting since a frost could come at any time!

  2. Looks a bit naked! But I know it’s just a blank canvas ready for your artistic strokes.

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