Cacti Maintenance + The Naming Game

So you think a cactus requires no maintenance, eh? At least I did until Pete started leaning.


For some time I had chosen to ignore it, but when my 3 year old nephew informed me that cacti should not lean, I decided something needed to be done about it. My dad gently reminded me that cacti need to be repotted every few years. So that’s what Pete got.

Plus some additional perceived inches.


You have just met Pete. Let’s go meet some of the other plants that populate the House on Penny Lane.

This cactus is Pierce. I have only Mark to thank for that name. It just suits him, I think. Especially since I had to dig one of his needles out of my finger yesterday. He is a particularly prickly fellow.


This lovely lady is Ruby. I’ve had her for a year or so and in that time she has doubled in size. Ruby is a Jade plant, which is non-toxic to cats. That is a good thing considering the bite marks that can be seen on her leaves.


Just like Ruby, this little gal is also a Jade plant, so I find it fitting to name her Judy. Judy came with Pierce, but they have different watering requirements (and different soil needs than their original planter), so they were separated. They were a bit of an odd combination if you ask me.


This is Aloe Vera is Susan. She looks a bit lazy, doesn’t she? Susan came with the cactus that now lives in our master bedroom, but she deserved more than to be hidden behind our bed.

Obviously, I have only scratched the surface of our plant population. Yet to be named are a Snake Plant, another Aloe Vera and a Pony Tail Palm, just to name a few. I will introduce them all eventually.

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2 Comments to “Cacti Maintenance + The Naming Game”

  1. So the re-potting doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger pot, just fresh soil for added support? We had a big jade plant back in the 70’s. Glad to see they’re making a comeback.

    • No, and that’s what I thought. I wasn’t looking forward to purchasing larger pots every few years, but dad explained that it’s the refreshing of the soil that matters most. I emptied the pot completely and gave it all new soil.

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