A New Front Door

For Christmas, Rob and I were gifted a new front door from his parents. I knew exactly what style of door the house wanted, but finding it was a bit trickier.

For a while, I was sold on installing a Crestview door.

(image courtesy of crestviewdoors.com)

Crestview sells door lites for the Mid Century Modern DIYer (lites are windows set in doors while sidelites are the windows next to doors). Here’s an image of a Crestview door on the house that I created using their ‘door-o-vision’:

I had been planning on purchasing a flush panel fiberglass door and installing my own Crestview lite until I priced the venture. Unfortunately, it turns out Crestview is best for those looking to spruce up their current doors.

Slightly frustrated by that dead end, I began searching for a shop that would build my door for me. After a couple of phone calls, I found a very patient man who was willing to work with me to build the door of my dreams.

First, we worked on defining the design. Just to see where his pricing would stand, I gave him two different design options – one I expected to be an economical option and the other I expected to be practically impossible to fabricate out of fiberglass. Can you figure which one is which?

We then went back and forth refining the design (there was only so much customization involved before I had to work with his standards) until we came up with this winner:

A pre-hung flush panel fiberglass door with a frosted, insulated 8″x64″ lite, oil-rubbed bronze hardware and 160 degree peephole. I also saved a 10-gallon bucket load by opting for a Weslock lockset over a Baldwin.

Weslock Woodward I Lockset (image courtesy of weslock.com)

The finish and interior lever:

All the parts have been ordered and will be fabricated and ready to pick up by the end of the month. Then, all there is to do is paint and install, no small feat as I have a stack of paint colors to select from and that’s only for the exterior side of the door.

Just for a hint, I’m going for this sort of feel:

(image courtesy of learner.org)

Speaking of which, everyone should check out the BBC TV series ‘Life’. It will change yours.


5 Comments to “A New Front Door”

  1. ❤ it!! This has been on my list to do since we bought our house. I can't wait to see how it turns out!
    (ps- this is the Crestview Door I want- http://www.crestviewdoors.com/products/do-it-yourself-doors-doorlite-kits/door-lite-kit-westhaven.html)

  2. Taylor…so exciting! I look forward to seeing the end result!

  3. cant wait to see it!

  4. Brandon said he will design your next door using his etcha-sketch. We wish the new door to also have a Kittyhole, to identify visiting cats.

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