New Faucet, Attempt No.1

We have a new faucet!



Too bad it only half works. And too bad it’s wholly our fault. I get the nagging feeling the blog’s ‘Mishaps’ bin is filling out. First, some pictures mid-installation.. before the bad happened.

Rob unhooking our old faucet while Polly looks on.

Me hooking up the new faucet while Jin finds a cozy spot.

As far as the mishap goes, our strength got the best of us and when ended up twisting off the copper pipe connected to the new faucet. We should have known better, but it’s just so darn awkward under there. Right now the faucet is only hooked up to the hot water line. Great for dishwashing and handwashing. Not so great for washing greens. At this point, though, it’s working for us. We’ll replace it sooner or later. For now, let’s marvel at the shiny, shiny.

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4 Comments to “New Faucet, Attempt No.1”

  1. Very pretty. That whole laying-on-your-back-with-your-arms-up-in-the-air thing is no fun!

  2. I love your kitchen rug? Where is that from?

  3. It looks so great!!! Don’t you just love it when the furry friends help?? 🙂

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