A New, Fabulous Front Door

With the hard work from our friend Gavin (whom I now owe several hours of my painting services), the new front door has been installed and is swinging beautifully.

It’s been almost 2 years since we had a fully functioning lockset on our front door. The previous door’s deadbolt knob was loose and got lost during our tile installation of 2010. Every time we had guests they’d inevitably find themselves clawing at the door to leave due to my habitual door locking. We also never had a peep hole, which made for awkward peeps around windows to spy on unexpected visitors. So not only is this door squeaky new, it’s also way more functional than our previous door.

Here’s our before door.

Before Interior

Before Exterior

And our after.

After Interior

New Hardware

After Exterior

After Exterior

I don’t think I could be anymore pleased than I am.

The interior paint color is Sherwin Williams Coffee Bean; the exterior is SW Marquis Orange. You can follow our progress here and here.


5 Comments to “A New, Fabulous Front Door”

  1. The new door is a foretaste of what’s inside. And I can’t believe the difference it makes in the look of your interior entryway! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. love the lockset and thanks for furnishing paint color info. very helpful!
    we may have some coffee bean work around here….. D&L

  3. so proud and inspired!

  4. that is gorgeous! what a difference it makes to the overall feel

  5. Wow.

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