Door Matting

Long time no post.

Rob and I have kept ourselves busy with the great exterior painting of 2012, but there’s not much progress to show. I can show off a new $15 purchase, though!

It took us a couple years to replace the front door mat that came with the house. When we finally did, we replaced it with a $7 IKEA mat. I liked how it looked – natural jute that blended in with the concrete – but it did not function well at all. When it rained, the mat would stay soaked for days. To make matters worse, leaves and other debris would cling to the rough jute texture.


What our $7 IKEA mat looked like on a GOOD day.

I finally became fed up and decided to do a little door mat switching. The back door was mat-less and didn’t exactly require curb appeal, so out went that jute mess and in came the nice, clean $15 Target mat.


I’m slightly concerned about how small it is in comparison to the door, but I am looking forward to an easily cleanable mat.


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