Toe Dipping into Organization

The House on Penny Lane may seem nice and tidy, but it does not run efficiently. Call it nesting or call it being at wits’ end, but I have been obsessed with finally getting this place organized.

The terrible thing about disorganization is that it trickles down and influences many areas of life. For example, my fridge is a mess. When my fridge is a mess, I don’t know what food I have stocked. When I don’t know what food I have stocked, it can spoil, wasting money. I might also double buy items I thought I was out of. Also wasting money. Both of which, I have done. It also wastes time. I waste time trying to remember what I have in stock, rummaging through the refrigerator thinking I had something when I didn’t. Can you tell I’m annoyed?

I have convinced myself that something needs to be done. Piles need to be corralled and contained. Meals need to be planned ahead. Unfortunately, it will be a long process. So let’s toe dip, shall we?

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across a couple blogs that have some great advice on cleaning and organization: Clean Mama and One Good Thing by Jillee. With these blogs added to my reader and a new meal planning app that also helps me keep stock of what’s in my refrigerator, I began my journey into organization.

Saturday, while garage sale hopping, I bought my first organization tool: a Pampered Chef birch storage rack for lids, cookie sheets, etc. For $0.75, I’d be a fool to say no.

My pot and pan storage had been organized recently, but it didn’t quite stick. Apparently, microwave racks don’t work well for lid storage.

Before: Under-Cooktop Storage

After: Under-Cooktop Storage

That was a nice 5-minute organization session. I contemplated ending on a high-note and wrapping up with a few hours worth of Disney movies, but decided I should push ahead.

Next up was the refrigerator. What better way to start this journey than attacking the appliance that wastes so much of our time and money?

Before: Refrigerator

After: Refrigerator

All items were pulled out and filtered through. I’m embarrassed by the amount of spoiled products hidden from view. I wiped down every surface with a water/mrs. meyers/white vinegar solution and products were reorganized in a thoughtful manner. The biggest change was obviously adding the plastic bins to the mix. My goal with these bins is to keep items from getting pushed towards the back and out of sight. They also make it easier for me to sift through items and find what I need. I also removed fruits and vegetables from their plastic produce bags, which seems to encourage their consumption.

Next on my agenda? Tackling meal planning. This should be interesting…


2 Comments to “Toe Dipping into Organization”

  1. I love it!!!! But then I would. They say you are more likely to eat things you can see, so I’m slowly building up our glass tupperware collection. The hitch: you have to actually want to eat your leftovers. Typically this becomes a Mr. B meal vs Jessica meal. Obviously you can guess whose undercooked chicken pot pie stays in the fridge.

  2. Love all the things you’ve been doing to your home. It looks so great! I was just blog surfing and came across a photo that reminded me of your home and thought I would come check out your updates.
    Here’s the photo that reminded me of your place…

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