Marked and Measured

In addition to cleaning out my spice cabinet in an attempt to streamline my cooking process, I also wanted to simplify the storage of my measuring utensils.

I was instantly inspired by this image I found on Pinterest.

image courtesy of

Knowing my new spice jars wouldn’t take my current, largely rounded measuring spoons, I took the opportunity to give my kitchen a mini-makeover and bought shallow, narrow, stainless steel spoons.

Once, I had my materials – cup hooks, blue painter’s tape, ruler, pencil, drill and drill bit – this project took me about 5 minutes, so this description will be just as quick. I eyeballed how high on the inside of my cabinet the spoons should hang. I placed one long piece of tape horizontally in this area and got to marking. I measured out 6 different points equally spaced 1 1/2″ apart. I also marked the drill bit with tape so I could make sure to not pre-drill all the way through the door. I then pre-drilled each hole, peeled the tape off, screwed in the cup hooks and placed my spoons.

These pictures make me so wish I had white cabinets. That, or a better way to take pictures of my cabinets. They aren’t the most impressive…


2 Comments to “Marked and Measured”

  1. Very cool. I especially like your tip about marking the drill bit — I’m never sure when to back out.

  2. YOU are impressive!

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