Vincent Van Gogh’s Les Iris


2 Comments to “Tomorrow”

  1. Love the stray white one that popped up amidst the purple.

  2. We were in the Netherlands for a wedding, and we had exactly two hours of free time during a hectic 3-day trip. Since the wedding was in a smaller community away from the urban centers, we looked at national parks and similar places; two hours was our outside limit for free time. That process led us to the Kroller-Muller museum (go back and put umlauts over the Kroller o and the Muller u) and its collection of Van Gogh. We spent two hours entranced in a small intimate gallery, often alone with paintings that deeply moved us. Kind of the un-Louvre. Ever since, we’ve been waiting for someone else to need to get married over there. And we’ll invest more than two hours next time. (all of that, just looking at the print you chose for this post) Thanks for the memories.

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