I had a great post started about adding address numbers to my house complete with paranoid blurred-out pictures. Just when I was going to add the final evening picture, I realized my mishap.

My original plan was to have “floating” house numbers (mounted on spacers) that hung below my porch light. I envisioned illuminated numbers that could clearly be seen from the street. I did not get that. Instead, I got a jumble of shadows that only mucked up the look of my porch.

So I had to start over. Pulling out screws that have already been glued was… tricky. So tricky I’ve been left with a bruised up chin. Fortunately, the house numbers I had could be converted to flush mounted numbers. Unfortunately, the difference was negligible. The porch light still casts shadows, although less so. At this point, I’m ok with it. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than it was.









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8 Comments to “Numbers”

  1. Taylor,

    I’m curious, in what font are those numerals rendered?

  2. I really love the light fixture above the numbers! Did it come with the house or did you purchase it? I’m looking for something similar….

    • Hi, Marie! I actually purchased the light fixture shortly after buying the house. Here is a link to where I purchased it. It’s not in stock on this website anymore, but this should give you a head start to finding it. Mine is the dark bronze color. Good luck!

  3. I’m not seeing the link 😦

  4. what color was used for the door?

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