New Growth

It’s always so satisfying to see new growth on my plants.

A couple months back, I moved Pete out to the front porch to get some sun and rain water. I knew I would start to see some growth from him, but I didn’t expect what I saw today – a whole new arm complete with spines!


I got Pete back in 2008 after wanting him since 2004. Seriously. What sophomore college student dreams of buying a cactus and naming it Pete? At that time, there were two Petes and both were significantly shorter. Pete #1 was lost after I misdiagnosed his corking as rot. True story – the Pete you see today is actually Pete #2.

Petes 2008

Back in 2008, Pete (#2, background) was about 18 inches tall and had one arm.


Pete 2012

Pete today stands almost 3 feet tall and has seven arms (including his new little nub)!



2 Comments to “New Growth”

  1. Pete (actually a euphorbia) is the same plant I had on Captains Drive that we used as a Christmas tree. The one Roman probably still feels guilty about knocking over. Remember?

    • Of course! I’ve actually been meaning to ask you if you have pictures of your euphorbia. I’d love to compare it with my memory of it.

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