Antiquing, etc.

Long time no post! I really don’t know what has happened. I suppose I’ve just been mentally busy. Luckily, there has been an occasional thrifting/antiquing session for stress relief. Because of that, I have a ton of finds to post about!

Let’s start with the latest and greatest. This weekend, I had a very strong urge to go thrifting. And not just my regular thrifting. I wanted to thrift in new locations. I tend to revisit the same shops out of familiarity, but knew my last visit had been far too recent for any good finds. So I started searching for new haunts.

Now notice that I’m talking about thrifting when this post is titled antiquing. Well, as I was driving to a “new” thrift store, I realized I was just around the corner from my favorite antique mall. So I stopped in. In what was a combination of running out of time for the day, needing to use the rest room (but not their restroom) and knowing I shouldn’t spend any money, I breezed through the shop noting some beautiful items before I was on my way.

They were:

Beautiful glazed pottery.


Full-sized cow hide.


Large Oil Painting.


More gorgeous pottery.

After leaving, I couldn’t help but think about one item in particular. It took some convincing, but by the next morning, Rob had agreed that I could go nab it.

I promptly hung it in the guest bedroom.

Love. it.


2 Comments to “Antiquing, etc.”

  1. It looks great hanging there!!

  2. love it! i need to branch out into buying art at thrift stores and antique places. i mostly stick to clothes and accessories. 🙂

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