Laundry Room Re-do

Every house I have lived in has had one of those catch-all rooms. In the house on Penny Lane, that room is the laundry room. Not only is it the laundry room, it is also the utility room, the junk room, the litter box room, and the shoe closet. And it looked like it…

Total disorganization. Shoes piled on top of shoes and that Laundry Lift had been leaning against the wall for 2 years. This room is the first room that we enter when coming home and the last one to exit when leaving. I wanted it to be bright and welcoming but also useful as the laundry room that it is. My first order of business was corralling the shoes. I had my eye on the IKEA Stall unit for a while and finally talked Rob into buying it.

When I got it home, I immediately started assembling it. Halfway into assembling, I realized the thing was mammoth. I had done some measuring before purchasing, but seeing it in person made me rethink my laundry room plan.

I originally wanted to place the new shoe cabinet on the same wall that the shoes were stacked against. Unfortunately, the existing cabinet was taking up far too much room. So we decided to take it out…

And with it, the tile and base boards were replaced and the walls patched and painted. It was a bit more work than we expected, but well worth the return on square footage.

With that additional square footage, I was able to push back the clothes drying rack to an area that didn’t require ducking and didn’t block the light. This also cleared up my walls for decor. We found a new use for an area rug that had been rolled up in our garage for a year – it did wonders for the warm, inviting feel I was after. And didn’t realize until later how much it would help to cut down on the amount of litter tracked by the cats.

Light and bright and 100% efficient!


5 Comments to “Laundry Room Re-do”

  1. Love it! Great job guys.

  2. What a transformation! Well done.

  3. Less clutter. Brilliant design. Looks great.

    It’s obvious: The utility room has been Taylored….

  4. looks great. and i love those key hooks! 🙂

  5. What a change! Beautiful. Good job!
    Jule with inside9B

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