Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

With all the commotion over the slab leak, I completely forgot to share the result of my yellow chair redo. Here’s a reminder of the Before.

I bought the chairs back in 2010 from Craigslist. The yellow upholstery was existing, but the frame was some strange faux wood finish. You can read about that initial transformation here.

The repaint got me by for a good time, but I ultimately wanted something that would blend a bit more with its surroundings. I decided to paint the frame a dark brown, Sherwin Williams Black Bean. The chairs had already been claimed by Jin as a scratching post and I knew that wasn’t going to change once they were remade pretty. The texture of the yellow fabric hid the scratches well, so I stuck with a velvet and found a raw linen colored fabric to reupholster with.

You may be asking why I’ve put a ginormous pillow on my newly made-over chairs. Well. Something about the seat back didn’t quite do it for me. These pillows may be oversized, but I think they look pretty neat as they are.

To top it off, I had the very back of the chairs upholstered with an accent fabric.

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.


7 Comments to “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

  1. Classy. I love the chairs. And that you picked a fabric Jin could live with. They own your lives don’t they?

    • Thanks, Jessy! If you are wondering, I fixed your comment. It takes a village to be safe from embarrassment on the internet.

  2. Very cool. Really pulls together everything in the room.

  3. as much as I loved the yellow chairs (can’t help it, I just love yellow!)….I have to admit your made-over chairs look fabulous! great choices on the fabric, love the accent on the back!

  4. Curious, did you pair the Besta media cabinets with legs? Or are they just free-standing? I’m thinking of doing something similar in my living room and I can’t figure it out!

    • Hi Jessica. We did not purchase additional feet for the Besta cabinets. They come with feet that are more for leveling purposes rather than for aesthetics. In fact, you can’t see the feet at all and it gives a slight floating affect to the cabinets, which I really like.

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