Fiddle Leaf Fig

Did I ever post about my Fiddle Leaf Fig? No? It was probably because I thought even looking in its general direction would kill it.

Rob let me cart it home as a Valentine’s Day gift and I have loved it ever since. It made an informal debut in this post about my newly upholstered living room chairs.

And there is actual visual evidence of why I hesitated to share my new love – a yellow leaf. I had three of those yellow leaves. Not long after they turn yellow, they fall off completely. Talk about devastation. After doing some online research, I came to the conclusion that I was either under-watering or over-watering. Since I have only known myself to successfully grow succulents, which require very little water, I figured it was likely the former. So, at the advice of an online forum, I planted live moss on top of the existing soil to help retain moisture and doubled my watering efforts. And guess what?!

New growth!


5 Comments to “Fiddle Leaf Fig”

  1. I love it so so so so so much! Mine is just a baby — I went into one of my nurseries last week to see if they had any full-grown fiddle leafs yet, but the biggest ones they had were only to my waist. urg, midwest!! Yours is beautiful — I’ll come calling for sure when I finally get my hands on one for tips on how to care!

  2. Hi! I am new to your blog. Love your design style! You have done a beautiful job with your house. I am in the process of finishing my basement and was wondering if you used the pearly white color on your ceiling to? And what color did you use for your trim? So many decisions…it can get overwhelming!

    • Hi Kristen! Welcome! And thank you!

      We’ve actually only painted the kitchen ceiling. All of the other ceilings are the same white they were when we bought the house. It’s probably just a standard “ceiling white”. Our kitchen is not Pearly White, but it is very similar and the ceiling is painted the same color as the walls. I personally love it because it feels like it flows more than if the ceiling were a different color.

      The majority of our trim is dark stained wood original to the house. I did paint some trim in our kitchen Benjamin Moore Simply White. Our kitchen walls are Sherwin Williams Shoji White, in case you wondered!

  3. thank you for your feed back. It was helpful! we are going to be purchasing the besta tv units and we are installing dark wood floors. I want the same effect with the white looking walls and dark wood with a pop of one color. Trying to find that one white that will match most white furnitures since white furniture isn’t a true white. We don’t have the besta units yet so I have been looking at my other Ikea white furniture. It seems like sw alabaster matches up pretty well. I am leaning towards that, but my husband likes to paint ceilings and trim a true white usually and I think that it may not look right. The ceiling looks good in your living room but it looks like you get a lot of natural light. Given that we are doing the basement I was thinking that the trim and ceilings should be the same color as the walls. Thanks again for your feed back!

    • Hi Kristen, for what it’s worth, even though I knew I was going to be lining my living room wall with the white Besta units, I didn’t compare my white wall color with white IKEA furniture. If I were painting furniture to match, that would be one thing, but I think making sure your walls are the appropriate color for your space is much more important. I chose Pearly White because it has a slight bit of yellow to it which makes it feel warm, but not too much yellow so that it doesn’t feel crisp and fresh.

      I hope this helps you!

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