My troublesome master bedroom was requiring some ‘Frasier’ inspiration. I had furniture I loved and pretty bedding to go with it, but it still wasn’t working for me. After much deliberation, I realized my biggest problem was how I was treating the lines of the headboard. With the overall height of the headboard at only 26″, it was even more difficult to accessorize.

So I took a cue from Emily Henderson on how to style my nightstands. The most important step? Lighting. I had originally considered the usual table lamp, but with an only 11″ tall headboard and no great way of corralling electrical cords, I decided against them. Instead, I installed sconces centered above the headboard for easy reach.



The sconces functioned well, but having them centered just above the headboard really disrupted its low, elegant, albeit challenging, line. And don’t get me started on the Euro shams. If my goal is keep that continuous line, I was majorly failing. So I started entertaining other options for nightstand lighting.

I really loved the idea of hanging pendants centered above the nightstand, a la The Brick House:


image courtesy of the brick house


I bought vintage pendants that were originally a mono-point hardwired fixture and rewired them to be two separate plug-in swag pendants.



But when I test hung them in our bedroom for placement, I decided they were totally off. The combination of the teak bed with the brass birds and the swag pendants was far too Bohemian for my taste. Much more like Frasier’s free-spirited one-time girlfriend, Caitlin, than Frasier himself.

Finally, I put my Frasier hat on. What would Frasier do? I obviously couldn’t do table lamps, sconces, or pendants. The only thing left was a floor lamp, which would need to be able to reach at least Rob’s side of the bed, considering he used the wall sconces the most. So, I started looking for a classically shaped floor lamp and found this beauty at a local vintage shop for a great price.



It may not be the Arco floor lamp, but it very well may be as close as I will get to one. So here it is in my space.





And here’s my sort-of-styled nightstand.




Where do you draw inspiration from? Do you have a troublesome room that has taken some time to complete?


10 Comments to “Troublesome”

  1. Caitlin the howler

  2. Easy fix! Clap on, clap off. I’ve been trying to convince B of this for years. I really love the new look, especially w/o the huge shams.

    • Thanks, Jessy! The clapper is a great idea, but they now have a better, not quite as sharply loud solution – a remote controlled electrical box that you can plug into the wall and then plug your lamp into.

  3. The original platform beds of the 70’s had bedding all tucked in, no visible pillows, so it was a clean flat look, which made it easier to work with the low headboard. I love the look of the arco-esque lamp — where did you find it? Sorry those pendants didn’t work out — maybe in another room!

    • Hey grammiescorner,
      Unfortunately, our bedding is just too pleasantly fluffy to tuck all the bedding in, but I think we’re at least close. And I’ve seen the beds made up without pillows…it just seems so image conscious. I’m all about finding a visually appealing solution that is also practical and easy to maintain every day.

      I got the lamp from Retrokc. I have some potential spots for the pendant lights, so stay tuned for that.

  4. Love! everything! The nightstand styling, the new light, the bedding changes you made, the overall vibe of your bedroom…it’s funny how just a few switches can change the whole feel.

    • Thanks Mari! That means a lot coming from you. When it came to my nightstand styling, you gotta believe there was a bit of ‘What would Mari do?’ thinking!

  5. Wow, love the changes you made! Where is your bedding from?

    • Hi Marie, the duvet and shams are from Nate Berkus’ collection at Target. It’s called Ikat Link and may still be available for purchase.

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