The Year of Ugly Money

If 2012 was the Year of the Exterior (which, in actuality, will really span several years), then 2013 must be the Year of Ugly Money. It started back in February, when we had an unchecked slab leak. In March, the slab leak turned into upgrades to our floor duct and insulation situations – unseen but still very important. During that process, our air conditioning unit was checked and it was brought to our attention that it may not last through the summer.


Our A/C in this house has never worked properly, and every summer there has been something to address with it. We didn’t know why until a couple weeks ago when… you guessed it… the A/C went out again. Turns out, most air conditioners need to be replaced every 10 years or so. Our air conditioner was installed in the 80s.

So more ugly money spent, but hopefully we will be reaping the rewards by having a more efficient system that will lower the electricity bills.

Have you spent any ugly money lately? Or did you spend it a while back and are now seeing the benefits? Tell me about it below!


4 Comments to “The Year of Ugly Money”

  1. We bought an HE washer; uses very little water and even less power. Immediate and drastic differences in water bills and electric bills. Amazing change. Plus the machine came with three different rebates from govt and private agencies.
    The sad part was spending the (ugly) money. The happy part is every day since.

  2. Our a/c’s are virtually twins — and installed a day apart, they’ll celebrate birthdays together! I’m already feeling a drastic difference in the coolness of the air. Even though the old one supposedly cooled to the same temperature, now I feel like I’m enveloped in the cool air. Can’t wait to see the change in the electric bills!

  3. Must be that $4,000 deductible on wind and hail – twice in the past three years.

  4. So hard to call it ugly when you’re basking in the cool on a hot summer day though! Maybe you could spraypaint it? ;D

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