Where’s My Fork?

‘Cause I’m done with my headboard wall.

Too bad the photo doesn’t do it justice. In real life, the drapes are so tall and the headboard is so low. It’s an elegant combination.

I had been searching for drapes for this space since April. I debated my color and pattern options, but I knew I wanted a 96″ length and back-tabs. Unfortunately, It seemed nearly impossible to find 96″ tall back-tab panels in a brick and mortar store in Oklahoma City. As always, I inevitably found myself looking through the many IKEA options.

I am a huge fan of the Aina unbleached linen drapes that are hanging in the dining room…

But I worried the linen color of the drapes might clash with the linen-ish color of the master bedroom walls (Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige). Just imagine if the drapes had a more pink undertone than the walls… I couldn’t live with myself!

I fully intended on taking down one of the dining room panels and comparing it to the wall, but I unexpectedly found myself 30 minutes away from an IKEA before managing to do so. No big deal, I could easily find another place to hang beautiful linen drapes, yes?

Obviously, I’ve ruined the suspense by putting the image front and center on this post, but imagine how thrilled I was, 500 miles later, to find the drapes to be almost an exact match to my walls. You can’t write this stuff!

So the master bedroom headboard wall is complete… save for a brass bird adjustment and ever-evolving nightstand styling.

By the way, that makes for 4 different IKEAs that I have visited – Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and Centennial. I’m tied with Rob, but he has me beat by distance with a visit to a Russian IKEA. How many IKEAs have you been to? Let me know in the comments below!


7 Comments to “Where’s My Fork?”

  1. Great post, beautiful walls, and fun question! We’ve been to IKEA’s in Carson, Costa Mesa, and San Diego here in CA, plus Phoenix, Dallas, Centennial, Minneapolis, Calgary, Toronto. Saw one in the UK but didn’t have time, so it doesn’t count if you drive by and wish, does it? 🙂

  2. I love your bedroom — it’s so serene. The curtains are perfect and I love love the lamp! What are you doing with the birds?

    I think I’ve been to three ikeas, but they’re all within hours from each other so it’s not very exciting. the one closest to me is gigantic so I have no urge to visit others…except the idea of a Russian one intrigues me now…

    • Thanks Mari!

      Now that the drapes have been hung, the birds are a touch to far to the left and are actually hiding a bit under one of the panels.

  3. Haha, I’ve been to four. But that is – I am in Germany and every bigger city has one, and Germany is not exactly huge in comparison to the USA. A bigger city close to me even has two Ikeas and I’ve been to both.

  4. May I ask the exact color of these drapes and if you know if Ikea still carries that? I think it looks fantastic!

    • Thanks, Mary! They are IKEA’s Aina drapes in unbleached linen. I just checked online and it looks like they still carry them, but they may be called beige now.

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