All Grown Up

Our living room is looking all grown up lately. You may remember how excited I was to share the updated Mood Board I created back in September. Well, we received the new sectional in February and I am still so very excited. But before I share the most beautiful After pictures you have ever seen in your life, let’s take a look at how the living room looked Before.

Not too shabby, right? I was really happy with this space aside from the too small sofa that started to seem like it could only seat one person comfortably. And if I’m being honest, the rug was too small, as well. Ready for the After?

Oh yes.

The new sectional is from the Rowe Dorset collection. I replaced the too small area rug with carpet tiles, which increased the coverage area from 8’x10′ to 10’x14′. Similarly, our sofa size increased from 87″ to 104″. This really makes us feel like we’re actually using the whole living room, and not just a corner of it. Of course, it looks better, too.

Rowe Dorset Chaise Sectional

That chaise lounge? That’s my spot. Well, my spot that I share with the kitties.

The best picture of all.


4 Comments to “All Grown Up”

  1. So cute!!!

  2. We both loved the “before” picture — so we were a bit apprehensive about the “after.”
    Not to panic. A serene upgrade in space utilization, functionality, and yes also — appearance.
    Really well done. Since we’re commenting, your photos are well done also. Nice work!!

    Much love to you two! D&L

  3. I am looking into getting the Dorset Sectional in the same configuration as you have here. I was hoping you could let me know about the level of comfort, how it is holding up and if you are still happy with your purchase? Your room looks awesome!

    • Thanks, Melody! We’ve only had the sectional for 6 months, but it’s holding up great. I made sure to select a style that had fixed back cushions, as well as extra firm cushions so that it had a better chance of keeping its shape. Keep in mind it’s just us two plus two cats, so it doesn’t get a ton of wear and tear. We were previously using an IKEA sofa, so the comfort of this sectional is a vast improvement.

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