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June 3, 2012

Picture Window

One of our better decisions regarding the house on Penny Lane was placing a bird feeder in front of the picture window.

July 25, 2011

Cat Grass

I think they like it.



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October 8, 2009

Cat Proofing Round 2

Taylor’s had this crazy idea for keeping the cats off of the kitchen counters. I didn’t fully understand how it was supposed to work at first, but after seeing it in action tonight… I’m impressed.

Forgive the blurriness during the high octane moments. My lens isn’t the best for following frenetically frantic felines.

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September 11, 2009

Cat proofing the house… and one step closer to calling them our children.

When we moved out of our old townhouse, we had just devised a system of where to put everything we didn’t want the cats to touch, out of their reach. The food was inaccessible, the toilet paper was hidden, and Jin couldn’t chew on my glasses any more after I put them in the bedside table. There was the catnip raid from a couple of weeks ago, but by that point we were halfway packed to move, and couldn’t care less.

So since we’ve moved into this house, it’s been a whole new learning process of how to keep the cats away from different items. Most important: the food.


Both Jin and Polly have very sensitive stomachs, and the slightest overload of protein sets their bowels-a-blazin’ in a colorful variety of ways. Luckily we found some child-proof cabinet devices at ACE, which has become our second Target.


As you can see, there’s a white thing that latches onto another white thing, and a human thing has to push it to open the door. The cats will figure it out, within the 6 months, but until then they are terribly vexed!

Another major issue we didn’t even think about was the fireplace, which has no barrier except for a flimsy, easily movable metal screen. We made getting fireplace doors a priority, and quickly found out that it’s next to impossible to get them installed with our style of fireplace. So while we wait for fireplace glass door technology to evolve (I anxiously await their next keynote!), we went with the next best thing: duct tape. And it’s actually working pretty well.

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Click on the Vimeo link in the player for a larger version of the video.

Clearly the aesthetics leave something to the imagination, but we can always paint the duct tape. Seriously though, we’re still working on getting some doors from somewhere, and in the mean time I think we’re going to screw it in to the stone or something. I haven’t thought about it much, it’s been bumped from top priority since I got Beatles: Rock Band.