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May 28, 2013

What Would Frasier Do?

I am often full of ideas and easily inspired, but there are times when I can get hung up on a space. In those times, I will often think, ‘What would Frasier do?’

I have always been a big fan of the show ‘Frasier’. The televised combination of witty puns, a drizzly climate, and thoughtful interiors is right up my alley. I remember watching syndicated episodes on TV right before bedtime when I was in high school. High school. And here I am, over 10 years later,  wrapping up our bedtime viewing of the series ‘Cheers’ on DVD with plans to continue with its spinoff, ‘Frasier’, on DVD for the third time.

In other words, I like ‘Frasier’… a lot. I also like Frasier’s apartment. I see it as a wonderful combination of classic, eclectic, and contemporary. For those unfamiliar, here’s a floor plan and interior rendering.

image courtesy of Nils Gleissenberger

(I can’t attest to the accuracy of the floor plan considering many story lines included Daphne making trips to a community laundry room.)

So some of you may be thinking, ‘What would Frasier do?? But your interiors look nothing like Frasiers…’. True. I’m inspired by the essence of Frasier’s apartment. Clean lines, neutral colors warmed with wood tones, and a touch of tribal motif. Whenever I need inspiration for creating a warm, classic, masculine space. I think of Frasier.

Stay tuned to read about how I applied this inspiration to a troublesome room of mine.

February 25, 2012

Nate & Aurelio

Way back in September, I blogged about doing some pro bono (ish) design work for my friends Nate and Aurelio (you can go back to read about the inspiration for the design here). I’m happy to announce that a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today in celebration of the completion of the project. Of course, it wouldn’t be entirely complete without my blogging about the process. Grab yourself a snack and find a comfortable chair because I’ve got tons of before and afters to share.


Please excuse the poor phone picture quality befores as well as any not-so-kind criticisms. They asked for my help for a reason, right?


Note the dark wallcovering that creates a cavernous entry.

Living Room:

Note the white walls, saggy futon, feminine drapes, pillows and artwork, and more tables than anyone could possibly need.

Dining Room Before:

Note again the dark wallcovering and just large amounts of stuff.

Of course there was also a lot of good stuff to be found. I had the foresight to take some pictures of items that stood out to me.

I knew this console table would make a good grounding piece for the entry way.


The carved detail on these nesting tables definitely made my socks go up and down.


A pair of leather-look side chairs intrigued me as well as an oddly placed stack of gentleman’s hats.

I proposed to Nate and Aurelio a more masculine feeling interior using the majority of their existing furniture with an emphasis on neutral colors. I put together this mood board to help visualize my idea.

The hard part was going to be implementing my idea on Nate and Aurelio’s budget. Over the course of the next several months, we removed wallcovering, painted (Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki), cleared out and purchased furniture, and hung drapes and art.

Enough already. Here are your Afters.

Items purchased:

Paint & Supplies – $136

Mid Century Modern Sofa – $235

IKEA Minut Wall Lamps – $20 ea.

Plaid Pillows – $11 ea.

IKEA Vilmie Figur Cushions – $13 ea.

Faux Fur Pillows – $50

Rugs – $55

IKEA Ritva Drapes & Hardware – $40 ea. window

Wall Art – $25

Lamp Shades – $15 ea.

Total: just about $700.


If you ask me, the best money was spent on paint and drapes.

It’s amazing what you can do with your own stuff and a few extra bucks, huh?


October 7, 2011

I Love Pinterest

Follow Me on Pinterest

I don’t know why I resisted it for so long. You’ve probably heard about it and most likely wondering, ‘what is this thing and why is everyone saying it’s so great?’ I like to think of Pinterest as a visual bookmarking tool (individual items link back to their original source with just a click), which is its greatest asset, as well as a designer’s visualizer (grouping things digitally to see how they relate to each other).

And now I’ve added a nifty Pinterest button so you can all follow me.

Here’s just a handful of some of my ‘pins’. Enjoy!


Board: Food

Description: Sweet Potato Salad with Toasted Pecans and Dried Cranberries


Board: Curb Appeal

Description: Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint for EVERYTHING outside. Yesss


Board: @Mentions (items that have made me think of certain special followers)

Description: Thought of you


Board: Organization

Description: Spray Bottle Storage (I added this to my organizational arsenal and it is fabulous)


Board: Tips and Tricks (my favorite board)

Description: Slip-proof your rug: To give an area rug some traction, flip it over, and apply lines of acrylic-latex caulk every 6 inches or so. Once dry, you can safely put down your rug; the rubbery strips will hold it in place.


Board: Closet

Description: How to Tie a Scarf


Board: Autumn

Description: DIY Halloween Plates, or whatever..


Board: Christmas

Description: Stamp Names onto Gifts


Board: DIY

Description: A use for my spare canvas?


Board: Body Art

Description: Geometric


Board: Spaces

Description: Brown & Black


Board: Plants

Description: Succulents


One of these days I’ll start regularly posting home and garden related pins. Just to, ya know, fill the gaps caused by my lack of posting.

May 8, 2011

Enough About Me

I’m pretty excited that, while visiting my dad and step-mom this weekend, I was given permission to post pictures of their home. They are both artists and have a beautiful collection of art; some of which is their own, but most of which are pieces from fellow artists. I find so much inspiration in their home and enjoy tracking its evolution every time I visit.

The following are iPhone pictures, but I think the warmth and depth of their interiors can still be seen despite the lack of resolution.

The entry hallway. Beyond is the “clean studio”.

Art hanging in the sunroom which functions as the main living space.

My favorite spot in the sunroom.

Open storage in the kitchen. Again, beyond is the “clean studio”.

One of my favorite vignettes in the kitchen.

The hallway leading to the guest bathroom, bedrooms and office.

The guest bathroom. I get so much inspiration from this vignette.

Another shot of the guest bathroom.

My Dad at work in their office.

Shelving in the office

And at Ali’s request: their dogs, Crazy Ray…

… and Nelly-Girl.

May 2, 2011

If you haven’t already seen this, you should…

Moby’s are the kind of interiors that make me want to create new words simply by jamming multiple existing ones together a la America’s Next Top Model.


See more images and read the article at

October 4, 2010


If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this page, you will find a new addition: my blogroll.

A blogroll is essentially a list of links to a blogger’s favorite blogs. My Google Reader subscription list has been steadily growing, so I thought I would share the wealth by sharing them with you!

Take some time to click through them and you will find where I get so much of my inspiration.

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June 4, 2010


We’ve finally finished painting the living room, but I won’t reveal any Afters until more has been done, like the floor.

I think the new flooring is what will make the living room. Right now, it looks like standard white paint with standard beige carpet. In fact, while Rob and I had a half painted living room, most people thought we were painting it the original sage green color. Don’t get me wrong, the sage green was a nice color (good job previous owners), it’s just not me. I will never be a sage green person, no matter how you slice it.

But I digress.

We’ve finally finished painting the living room. The next challenge after painting the 16 feet peaked walls is decorating them. Unfortunately, the standard 8×10 framed art won’t do. Instead, I’ve been inspired.

My first source of inspiration came from an interior photo I had saved a while back.

I originally liked this interior because it reminded me so much of mine, with its clerestory windows, and it provided inspiration for things that I could do with my house. For example, the white, white walls with wood trim and the paper lantern dining fixture. But this time, I was inspired by the art hanging just below the clerestory windows. I remember being disappointed when I first saw this image and realizing I didn’t have enough wall space under my clerestory windows to hang art. Fortunately, I realized how I could use it.

If you remember the wall in question, we covered up the original doorway to the kitchen, then created a new one by tearing down the wall under the pass-through window. We were left with a wall perfectly sized for art. But I wanted something dramatic, like I said, the standard 8×10 framed art won’t do. So I took my inspiration art and rotated it.

I don’t have my materials, yet, but they’ve been scoped out. I’ll use a long piece of canvas, grommeted at the top, perhaps 3 feet by 11 feet, and paint a simplistic pattern in bold-ish colors. I’m contemplating black, a mustard yellow taken from my unfinished craigslist chairs and a light turquoise taken from the living room accessories.

The second source of inspiration came in 2006 on a college field trip to the Dallas Herman Miller showroom.

The installation was designed by Jennifer Prichard, a ceramic artist. Obviously, I don’t have the time, nor the talent to create and install a ceramic piece like this, but I can be creative, right? Jennifer Prichard also creates designs out of felt. This is getting a bit closer to my capabilities.

After a lot of research involving felt, origami and toilet paper rolls, I decided to make my wall art out of cardstock paper. The process of creating these guys is very simple and needs almost no explanation.  I just need cardstock, a pencil, scissors, and something to base my circle on.

There. I’ve got it. I used a can of condensed air as my outline. It ended up making a circle about 2.5 inches in diameter. I took the cardstock and folded it hot dog style. Then, traced the condensed air bottle onto the paper overlapping the folded end by about 1/16 inch.

Pretty cute, eh? Next, I’ll use white pins to attach them to the wall in some sort of swirling, natural pattern.

We’ll see how it ends up!

September 8, 2009

Oh, that’s inspiring.

When we were looking for a house, we wanted to find something that inspired us. We were extremely lucky in that we only looked at 3 houses before we found the one.

Either that, or we’re just easily inspired. Actually, I think Taylor is very easily inspired. I love watching the Kohler sink faucet commercial with her, where the couple asks a designer to base his kitchen design around just the faucet, and he has a look on his face like, “wow, what an absolutely bizarre request! I have never come across anything so strange in my entire career! This will surely stretch the limits of my skills, and will require all of my cunning to solve!” And Taylor will say, “That’s pretty much what being an interior designer is…” And I’ll think “Take that, Kohler.”

Before the seller had even moved out, Taylor was already inspired. She knew what she wanted to do with every room after our third time viewing the house. So just to give you an idea of what we’re aiming for in all of our renovations, here are a few pictures Taylor’s been inspired by. (The pictures are from Apartment Therapy.)


Replacing all of the carpet with wood floors is one of the biggest (read: most expensive, and therefore most long term) renovations we’ll be taking on. If our hallway ends up anything like this, my OCD will kick in and I will never, ever step on the wood floor itself. One foot placed perfectly in the center of each circle per step, which will make for some very long strides to the bathroom.


Moving our house from Oklahoma City to a mountain view is another very large undertaking. Since it probably won’t ever happen, Taylor is using this photo as more of a color concept. White and brown will be the primary colors used throughout the house. And I’ll be craving Oreos more often.


This is Taylor’s inspiration for the teenager’s room. Again, a very large undertaking, and far into the future :-). I love this look so much that if I was still a teenager, I’d want Taylor to be my m… hm, nevermind.