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September 2, 2013

Where’s My Fork?

‘Cause I’m done with my headboard wall.

Too bad the photo doesn’t do it justice. In real life, the drapes are so tall and the headboard is so low. It’s an elegant combination.

I had been searching for drapes for this space since April. I debated my color and pattern options, but I knew I wanted a 96″ length and back-tabs. Unfortunately, It seemed nearly impossible to find 96″ tall back-tab panels in a brick and mortar store in Oklahoma City. As always, I inevitably found myself looking through the many IKEA options.

I am a huge fan of the Aina unbleached linen drapes that are hanging in the dining room…

But I worried the linen color of the drapes might clash with the linen-ish color of the master bedroom walls (Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige). Just imagine if the drapes had a more pink undertone than the walls… I couldn’t live with myself!

I fully intended on taking down one of the dining room panels and comparing it to the wall, but I unexpectedly found myself 30 minutes away from an IKEA before managing to do so. No big deal, I could easily find another place to hang beautiful linen drapes, yes?

Obviously, I’ve ruined the suspense by putting the image front and center on this post, but imagine how thrilled I was, 500 miles later, to find the drapes to be almost an exact match to my walls. You can’t write this stuff!

So the master bedroom headboard wall is complete… save for a brass bird adjustment and ever-evolving nightstand styling.

By the way, that makes for 4 different IKEAs that I have visited – Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and Centennial. I’m tied with Rob, but he has me beat by distance with a visit to a Russian IKEA. How many IKEAs have you been to? Let me know in the comments below!

June 2, 2013


My troublesome master bedroom was requiring some ‘Frasier’ inspiration. I had furniture I loved and pretty bedding to go with it, but it still wasn’t working for me. After much deliberation, I realized my biggest problem was how I was treating the lines of the headboard. With the overall height of the headboard at only 26″, it was even more difficult to accessorize.

So I took a cue from Emily Henderson on how to style my nightstands. The most important step? Lighting. I had originally considered the usual table lamp, but with an only 11″ tall headboard and no great way of corralling electrical cords, I decided against them. Instead, I installed sconces centered above the headboard for easy reach.



The sconces functioned well, but having them centered just above the headboard really disrupted its low, elegant, albeit challenging, line. And don’t get me started on the Euro shams. If my goal is keep that continuous line, I was majorly failing. So I started entertaining other options for nightstand lighting.

I really loved the idea of hanging pendants centered above the nightstand, a la The Brick House:


image courtesy of the brick house


I bought vintage pendants that were originally a mono-point hardwired fixture and rewired them to be two separate plug-in swag pendants.



But when I test hung them in our bedroom for placement, I decided they were totally off. The combination of the teak bed with the brass birds and the swag pendants was far too Bohemian for my taste. Much more like Frasier’s free-spirited one-time girlfriend, Caitlin, than Frasier himself.

Finally, I put my Frasier hat on. What would Frasier do? I obviously couldn’t do table lamps, sconces, or pendants. The only thing left was a floor lamp, which would need to be able to reach at least Rob’s side of the bed, considering he used the wall sconces the most. So, I started looking for a classically shaped floor lamp and found this beauty at a local vintage shop for a great price.



It may not be the Arco floor lamp, but it very well may be as close as I will get to one. So here it is in my space.





And here’s my sort-of-styled nightstand.




Where do you draw inspiration from? Do you have a troublesome room that has taken some time to complete?

April 9, 2013

Insta Decor

If you’ve been paying attention to my instagrams (I’ve magically included a feed at the sidebar), you’ll have noticed some new master bedding. Our bedroom is nowhere near finished, but the improvement is definitely worth noting.

I purchased the euro shams during my first ever Home Goods visit in California. The fur throw was also from an inaugural visit to World Market (both stores, by the way, are everything everyone says they are). Once home, I found the duvet cover at Target. I love it all.



August 7, 2012

Antiquing, etc.

Catching up on all the small changes that have happened at the house on Penny Lane.

You may remember my fluff post back in June about hanging part of a set of birds in the master bathroom. The other part hung un-remarkably in our bar area for a couple of months before it found its proper home above the master bed.




November 19, 2011

Bedroom Shaken

The bedroom has officially been shaken.


Last weekend, the walls, which I had previously painted SW Worldly Gray, were repainted SW Balanced Beige; our circa 2005 white IKEA Malm bed was donated and my parent’s vintage Westnofa teak platform bed was brought in.

Previous, bluer paint color – SW Worldly Gray:


New, sandier paint color – SW Balanced Beige:


We hung IKEA Basisk wall lamps and finished them with paintable plastic cord covers which I cut to incorporate the light switch.


Due to floor vents, we had to scoot the bed frame a good distance from the wall.


I absolutely despised this gap at first, but within a half hour I had an idea to fill the space. Euphorbias and Snake Plants.


Basically, I was greatly inspired by this interior, the home of Maurizio Zucchi:


So, more plans for the bedroom… as soon as there is money to follow through with them.



November 6, 2011

Bedroom Shakeup

We’re about to trade up our 2005 IKEA Malm bed for a 1970s Danish. And I’m excited.

Many of you may know that Rob and I currently sleep on a 1970s foam mattress complete with brown plaid lining. Next week, our mattress is going to enjoy a long awaited reunion with its 1970s teak platform bed. The bed has been passed around the family quite a bit during its life and now it’s my turn.

The Bed

Our current IKEA Malm bed has been good to us; surviving 4 moves, 6 disassembles and 2 cats, but it was time to move on. Among other wear and tear, screw holes have been stripped for some time causing creaking with the slightest of movement, the most annoying of its weaknesses. So when my mom notified my brother and me that they were switching to a King sized bed and the teak platform bed was free for the taking, I knew I couldn’t say no.

And such a large shakeup calls for contemplation on other changes.

Many of you may also know the story of our bedroom paint mishap. I selected a wonderful sandy gray paint color for our guest bathroom, Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray. Since the bathroom was on the same side of the house as the master bedroom, thus lighting conditions would be very similar, I thought it was a brilliant idea to paint the bedroom the same color. I was wrong. In our bedroom, that sandy gray color turned steel blue and I have regretted it ever since.

So what better time to repaint than when the largest piece of furniture in the room will be removed?

This weekend, I swatched a few Sherwin Williams paint samples: Balanced Beige, Relaxed Khaki and Universal Khaki. I found a winner in Balanced Beige and am thrilled to start working on this new project.

Balanced Beige:

Check back for my progress!

August 24, 2011

Successes & Failures

This blog documents a journey. And journeys are about successes and failures, right? The contrast makes life interesting, right? So I shouldn’t be ashamed of sharing any failures I might have, right?

OK, now that I’ve properly pepped myself up, I can share the project I’ve been working on.

A long, long time ago (I’m talking February, people), at the spur of the moment, I hung a collection of frames above our dresser in the bedroom, knowing I would eventually  fill them with images and paint some of them for overall consistency. I loved it. Unfortunately, it sat unfinished for 7 months.

Finally, this month, I decided to try my hand at painting them. I purchased some flat black spray paint and went to town. It came out horrible. It took me a second can of spray paint before I realized it was too hot outside. What? 1oo degrees in direct sunlight is not the ideal setting for a spray painting session? Who knew?

No matter the texture, the all black frames were not doing it for me.

So the next week, I went out and bought dark bronze spray paint and brass spray paint and patiently waited until a Sunday morning when I could spray in the briefly cool part of the day. I wanted to attempt a faux finish of sorts. Brass layered on top of dark bronze for a nice aged look. Let’s just say I’m not skilled enough at that. Luckily, I was smart enough to practice on only one frame (as I had run out of dark bronze when my practice session began). The frame came out looking less like a funky distressed metal frame and more like a bad 80s faux finish job. So my practice frame became my single brass frame.

It’s not bad. Although I need to either respray the brass to improve the finish (it was getting a tinge warm when the final brass coat was applied) or change the color altogether (I meant to buy bronze paint, not brass. Oops), the collection is growing on me.

So yeah… failures. Good stuff.

September 17, 2009

There’s something behind the bed.

I pulled up the curtains behind my bedside table last night for the first time, and I found this creepy little doozy:


Between seeing this psychedelic sun and having the entire “Abbey Road” album in my head, I fully expected to look up at Taylor and find that her head had been replaced with that of a walrus.

This sticker must have been part of the original structural plan of the house, too, cuz it ain’t comin’ off.