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September 11, 2011


I’m proud of my papa. After years of being a graphic designer, he ditched it to become a starving artist. He’s still an artist, but no longer starving as he is now the creative director for Wisteria, the online home decor store. He asked me recently (in a blog comment, no less) to photograph any Wisteria items I have in the house on Penny Lane with the potential of featuring them on Wisteria’s blog, Vine.

I get a nice family discount, but have not received any other perks from Wisteria for this post, although I will accept discounts on some pieces I’ve been eyeing (provide a Christmas list right, Dad?).

So here’s a shot of the living room featuring a handful of my Wisteria items.

Wisteria items: white enamel stools, gray wicker basket, glazed porcelain lamb

I didn’t place that basket, that’s how perfectly this shot laid out. I have two of the gray wicker baskets. This one is the catchall for cat toys. It’s too cute when Jin jumps in it to find his desired toy. The other basket we use as a laundry basket. We also have a couple sets of water hyacinth baskets. They are scattered about the house to organize small items. I use one to neatly contain my makeup products. Baskets are an item one can never have too many of. Just saying.

July 19, 2011

Fireplace, Pt. 2… and finished?

Nearly a year ago, I wrote this post about my fireplace conundrum. To sum it up, I hated it and couldn’t decide what to do with it. Paint some of it? Paint all of it? Cover it up? I allowed myself to stew in my obsession and ended up making the best move, which was no move at all.

First, here’s a look back on the desperate lives of my fireplace.

09.2009: The fireplace during our first viewing of the house. Its previous owner didn’t fare much better.

12.2009: Christmas time and I was desperately trying to make this focal wall work. Duct tape is a difficult finish to match.


 11.2010: The wood floor is installed. The fireplace looks better, but still desperate.

12.2010: Christmas time again. The furniture is improving and the first good move was made with the fireplace: relocating the round mirror to another area.


 2.2011: I saw the light and the biggest improvement was made for the fireplace: roller shades were installed on the two adjacent windows. The light balanced out the darkness of the fireplace and its next of kin, the bookcase.

And now the fireplace’s current state. Not desperate. Simple.

The moral of the blog post is that sometimes, oftentimes, less is more.

I will check back once we have used the fireplace, hopefully with no flaming cat stories to tell.

June 19, 2011

Hung Art

Today I had the opportunity to finish a few decorative tasks around the house. One was spur of the moment and the others had been lingering for weeks.

The first all started when vintage-loving friends of ours came in town. Two of us decided to check out a nearby vintage store that’s 50% interesting stuff, 50% shabby chic, typical Oklahoma crap. Of course we each found some items to take home.  My find? A big, wooden spoon.

I seriously love it. But we all know I’m strange. I really liked the calendar strip that had occupied this spot previously, but this just takes the cake for me.

The next had been a lingering item. Rob’s parents had gifted us some decorative plates from Peru. Once I realized the were decorative, I knew I had to showcase them in some way. Unfortunately, they sat for months in a stack on our counter, decoratively. Today, I finally decided to to hang the plates.

I never would have thought I’d be the type to hang plates.

The last was the never-ending fireplace nook. It started out with adjustable shelves that I attempted to work with. Next was the stretched canvas. I’m hoping this will be the end of that journey with maybe some tweaks of the contents.

The collection is 4 pages from a vintage botanical book framed in shadow boxes. Can you spot the mishap? The second frame from the bottom. I had a very difficult time putting the frame back together. After fussing with it for 10 minutes and seriously working up a sweat, I realized I had attached the page upside down. I tried to fix it, but it was seriously wedged. When I have more energy, I may try again.

I love it anyway.

November 9, 2010

Blank Canvas


To start off this post, I must say sorry to Sarah. My sister-in-law helped me brainstorm and redecorate the built-in bookcase next to my fireplace and then I went and dismantled the whole thing.

Everyone knows I’m not good at decorating and I had been struggling with how to make the bookcase look relatively interesting. Ultimately, after decorating and redecorating, I decided to just take everything down.

This canvas used to hang above our sofa in the townhouse. Back then it was a tree silhouette in navy and gray. This time, I’m going for something lighter by keeping the background whight. I haven’t decided exactly what I’ll be painting. Perhaps a light bulb, which has significant meaning to us. In any case, I hope to use a bit of my left over yellow paint from the chairs, just to tie the color in a bit more around the room.

The new arrangement makes much more sense in the wide shot. The focus is no longer on the cluttered shelves, but first on the chairs, then directly to the firplace. I like this layout so much better. I finally feel like the livingroom can breathe.

September 28, 2010

Fanciful Flaws

It was brought to my attention recently that I tend to over edit the content of this blog, specifically, the photos. If something isn’t perfect or finished, I don’t show it. This practice has been a bit detrimental to the blog in that, as the reader, you don’t get the full affect of our pain and progress.

For example, I was told that I hadn’t shown the end result of the pass-through knock-down. And you want to know why? Because I didn’t want you to see my kitchen! Shame on me. I was holding off on the pass-through reveal until our kitchen was in a more finished state. But let’s be real. That’s not happening anytime soon. I also haven’t shown you a lick of my livingroom. Why? Because the furniture isn’t quite right and the fireplace hasn’t been touched since duct-tapping it over a year ago.

So today I’m going to reveal it all. I’m not even going to clean up first. Well maybe a little.

It doesn’t look half-bad, but let me point out some flaws. The wall is missing trim. And that hole in the wall on the left? Yeah, that’s a dead outlet. The wiring goes to the light centered on the ceiling. And guess what? That’s dead, too. But let’s look on the bright side – look at that floor! I love it. I want to roll around on it.

Our fireplace solution. Yes, that’s the same tape from over a year ago. No, it’s not keeping the cats out of the fireplace. The evidence is the tufts of cat hair stuck on edges of the metal mesh. And it certainly is a mesh. Ha. But seriously. This solution is terrible. Unfortunately, our other option, fireplace doors, is just so expensive. We keep getting close to taking the plunge, but everytime something more important comes up.

And just below our mess of a fireplace is our unfinished flooring. The jaggedness of the fireplace was a bit of a challenge to contour and I was told I should get a professional to trim it out, so there it sits, unfinished.

I could go on, but I think I’ve dug myself a deep enough hole. Satisfied?